Friday, June 20, 2008

Beautiful day!

The sun is shining, it's about 78 degrees and lowwww humidity, there's a cool breeze, and I'm off from work! What a great day!

The Stoke's aster have finally bloomed!

The hibiscus (taller, reddish leaves) are growing! Another month and they should bloom. They're one of the top three favorite plants I have in my garden.

Bee balm and a St. John's Wort bush (yellow) compete for space. In the foreground, an allium that has long stopped blooming and lost its flower still has a distinctive shape.

The hollyhock are doing great! There are now 4 different colors blooming (from 3 different plants). It's hard to see, but the white one (in the middle) is probably over ten feet tall, and doesn't even need to be staked. I definitely plan on continuing my hollyhock experiment next year, as this year has worked out so well.

Tomato! I can't wait until they grow and ripen, as I won't buy them from the store due to the salmonella outbreak.

Hydrangea in the front yard. The blue flowers will turn pink over the course of the summer.

Astilbe in front of the hydrangea.

Mum (I don't know why it's blooming now!), Easter lily, salvia, and winecups (Callirhoe). The winecups are also in my top three favorite plants in my garden.

Salvia and winecups from the back view, with as yet unbloomed Stoke's aster in the foreground.

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