Friday, February 1, 2013

A Longwood Christmas - Trees

Though Christmas has thankfully been over for a month now, the memories of the beautiful displays at Longwood Gardens still linger. Hosting family at my house for the holiday left me no time for any relaxation - until they left. So on New Year's Eve, J and I decided to use our brand new memberships to check out their Christmas display before it was removed for the year. The folks at Longwood do a phenomenal job with their gorgeous display of lights and plants used in creative ways. We assumed that the place would be deserted but it was packed. Doesn't anyone go to New Year's parties anymore?

It's hard to take pictures there because there are so many people doing the same and you don't want a random stranger in your photo, but here are some of the shots I snagged of the myriad Christmas trees around the gardens.


Enormous outdoor tree decorated for Christmas

Staff decorate this tree with edibles for birds and animals

Inside (in the Conservatory):

A trifecta of Christmas trees

I think the docent said there were 3,500 decorations on this tree
Poinsettia tree

Christmas tree made of agave

Greenhouse tree made of multiple plants

Closeup of the greenhouse tree

Spinning tree on the water

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