Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - September 2013

The time since the last Bloom Day has kicked my butt. I don't think I've felt this overwhelmed in a long time, between my job, teaching a night class, training for two marathons, caring for a sick dog, and any other responsibilities I have. Needless to say, the garden has had zero attention beyond my wistful stares in its direction, so no wide shots this month.

The Backyard

Anemone 'Queen Charlotte'

I've seen goldfinches snacking on the echinacea seeds

Can you guess which of these two sedum I pinched back?

Carypoteris - I don't seem to have written down the specific type

The Side Yard (Abeille Allee)

I should rename this the Engergizer Bunny garden. So many of the plants keep going, and going and going...

Like this hibiscus. It's been blooming nonstop since July. It's right outside my kitchen window and provides such an amazing view.

My numerous Coreopsis 'Moonbeam' plants have been in bloom since June. Three solid months of nonstop color. Amazing.

Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'

The newest additions to the Allee are already showing themselves to be worthy. Penstemon 'Delft Blue Riding Hood' and Geranium 'Rozanne' were 1-inch plugs when I planted them in June and are already bloomig.

This silver lace vine serves two purposes - it creates a privacy screen for our front porch from the neighbors, and it provides some nice shade on the porch in the summer months. It needs some trimming, though!

Polygonom aubertii - Silver Lace Vine



The Front Yard

Gaillardia. I love the seed heads after the petals fall off.

These plants are just getting started and will put on a great show over the next month. On the left is  Aster 'Alma Potschke' and on the right is Aster 'October Skies'.


This zinnia is as large as my fist

Caryopteris - this was split from the plant in the back

That's my end-of-summer/early fall show for Bloom Day! Here's hoping I have more time between now and the next one to get outside and have some fun! Thanks to May Dreams


  1. It looks really good, especially given that it sounds as if you haven't had any time to attend to it! I love Caryopteris and have had no luck with it whatsoever. I couldn't get it to survive, much less get a division from it. But on to more important subjects: your dog. I hope he or she is going to be ok!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I didn't mean to divide the Caryopteris - it just snapped in half when I was moving it. An accident that turned out well. My dog has been diagnosed with pituitary-dependent Cushing's disease ( He started meds 2 weeks ago and some of the symptoms are getting slightly better but he's still being a royal pain in the ass :)

    2. I just looked that up from you link. At least it seems treatable and he's responding. It's non-stop with the 4-legged hairy babies, isn't it?

  2. I love Japanese Anemones! I grow 'Honorine Jobert' in my garden. I have Caryopteris, too, for the first time this year. The variety I got is 'Longwood Blue', which is fairly compact. It just started blooming, which is later than I expected.

    1. I had Ms. Jobert for awhile but she disappeared this year. Actually, I accidentally ran over her with my lawnmower and I don't think she liked it. If you're ever down this way, you can visit Longwood Gardens and see a beautiful grand allee filled with Caryopteris 'Longwood Blue'!

  3. Training for two marathons? Are you nuts? :) Cushings is tough. Sorry to hear about that. I assume he's an older guy.

    Well despite it all I'd say everything looks pretty damn good. I'm amazed at how clean the foliage is on yoru Hibiscus. Hibiscus sawfly decimated mine this year despite fairly regular spraying.

  4. I am most certainly nuts :) And we've now swung from Cushing's to Addison's thanks to the meds. He's 9. This is quite a ride.

    Thanks for the kind words. That particular hibiscus is doing so well. There's another right next to it that did have its leaves eaten (not sure what ate them) and I'm not sure why one was attacked and not the other.