Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trying to get my groove back

2016, I wasn't sorry to see you go. It was a tough year for many, myself included, and for a variety of reasons. I started a hundred blog posts in my head and never put any of them to paper the keyboard. I still puttered in the garden but not as much. I made a thousand excuses for why I'd rather sit inside and play on my virtual farm game (seriously).

I lost "it". I lost a lot of the joy I get from gardening.

I saw weeds and felt humidity and was annoyed that the garden is not the way I want it to look in my head, and yet I didn't want to put the work in to make it that way.

And yet, the garden does what it does. Flowers keep blooming, plants keep growing. It's amazing, really. You don't feel like doing much and yet you're rewarded by so much beauty.

The one spot I was really happy with all year, and I didn't even really plan this.

There are always lessons to be learned for a control freak like me. Gardening is an exercise in patience and letting go, as so often things don't go as planned. But it's often the unplanned that is the most rewarding.

Also unplanned, but I love this color combination!

I'll sit here in the winter and plan for spring. I'll order my seeds, get inspiration from magazines and blogs, and try to make a plan, though I know that so much in 2017 will not go as planned, even outside my garden. Most of all, I want to get my groove back.

Flowers still blooming in November


  1. For me gardening is a bit of an addiction - I do it even when I feel tired of it. While the garden is never just as I imagined it, the joy of it always returns.

    1. That's wonderful! :) I'm glad it keeps you going.

  2. Come to the Fling! It's a great way to get your mojo back when you're surrounded by gardeners all weekend! It's so fun fun fun!! You don't have to fly.... You can drive down Thursday afternoon.... :o)

    1. I was thinking of it, but I'm actually really shy and introverted and so I worry about interacting with strangers... :)