Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's not just me

I've been feeling like this winter is just not ending! It continues to be chilly and gray day after day. I've only just started to see crocuses, and barely a daffodil has poked its head up. So is it just me, or is it really chillier this year? I went through  my garden journal and this is what I read:

3/31/07 - "Another spring begins! It's a bit chilly today, around 55 degrees..."
3/4/08 - "60+ degrees today - cloudy, but still great to walk around in!"
3/7/09 - "60+ degrees today - just what I needed to get rid of the winter blues..."
3/19/10 - "75-ish and sunny - beautiful day!"
3/19/11 - "Beautiful day! About 55 degrees and sunny."
3/7/12 - "Amazingly beautiful day! 61 degrees and sunny."

This year's entry? Probably some sort of expletives about the following:


  1. One of my friends posted on Facebook this morning that whoever left the door open to Canada needs to shut it NOW. I'd be more inclined to slam it.

  2. Sue - I love this phrase and am borrowing it. I thought of slamming the door shut during my run this morning when it was snowing again. Ugh.