Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Random thoughts for the day:

* I sat waiting for a snow storm (albeit one that would only drop 2-4 inches) all day and it didn't materialize...yet. This time last year it was in the 60s, according to my garden journal.

* I've been waffling back and forth about attending the Philadelphia Flower Show. It's right in my city and would give me a sorely needed dose of spring, but I usually end up disappointed by it. With only a few days left, I'm pretty sure I won't be attending.

* This weekend it's supposed to be in the high 50s. Guess who has two hands and will be doing a lot of yard cleanup and lilac-bush-moving? This gal!

* I've been thinking about dahlias a lot lately just because, and in the meantime have discovered Old House Gardens heirloom bulbs . Hooray for retail therapy! I also need to figure out how to stake them so that I can make them go from drab to fab:

Why yes, my dahlias did remain flopped over like this all summer.

Staked dahlias at Longwood 


  1. Just got back from the Philadelphia Flower Show. Disappointed. A lot of emphasis on British pop culture icons (queen, Beatles, umbrellas) as a motif for garden design, and it was kitschy. I really wanted to see British - American garden overlaps, how they influence each other, how classic English gardens are interpreted here. Or just a nice example of British gardening style.

    Plant materials were all bulbs, azaleas, a few bloomers like fothergilla and some witch hazels, not much range of plants. A few exhibits were well done, most were just bright and colorful and vaguely related to British-y things like Sherlock Holmes or Jane Austen. There was a great exhibit highlighting the American - British plant trade between Bartram and Collinson in the 1700s. That was nicely done.

  2. Laurrie - I'm sorry that you're disappointed, but also not surprised. My neighbor (who I hold in high regard as a gardener) was also disappointed. I always want to see some practical gardening examples at the show but instead see over-the-top exhibits that can be nice to look at but don't inspire. I do hope that you otherwise had a nice visit to Philly!