Sunday, April 27, 2014

Surprises around every corner

Bulbs blooming, peonies growing, trees budding. There is so much going on that sometimes the small details are lost in all of spring's glory. But those small surprises are just as enjoyable - moreso, even, as you don't alway see them at first glance. They're like a secret between you and the garden. Here are a few of mine.

Tulip fringed with purple reveals a blue and white center.

Daffodil from my unlabeled bag of 50 I planted in the fall. This sweet one is about the size of two quarters.

Tulip 'White Emperor' has a touch of green on its petals.

Bi-colored daffodil. I've never seen anything like it.

I know it was a long winter, but I'm a little scared that I have no recollection of this pink
 creeping phlox (front of photo) on my front wall. Season-induced memory loss
 makes for great surprises.

Have you discovered any surprises in your garden?


  1. I love that phlox! It's so vibrant. :o) I'm always forgetting what I did the previous season. I redesign areas and then can't remember in the spring if the plants are dead, missing, or just coming up late. The element of surprise is always present in my garden!

  2. Surprises happen. Sometimes they arise from birds' plantings, sometimes from forgotten plantings by me. They're always welcome, and in a year that featured such a long and brutal winter, they're special gifts. Enjoy yours.

  3. What a relief it must be to see your garden after that long awful winter. Surprises are part of the fun of spring. Things popping up in strange places, plants you forgot you had, and so on. But the best surprises are when things you thought wouldn't make it actually come back.

  4. Nice mass of creeping phlox! And I like that tulip with the purple edging.

  5. You already know that spring is here when flowers start to bloom and beautify your garden instantly! My wife grows tulip in our new pergola and she loves every species of tulips around the house. Glad to be here and meet the bi-colored daffodil! Exquisite!

    Sebastian Chuter

  6. I think my main surprises have been the plants that turned out to live through the winter when it appeared at first that they had not. Love that white tulip with the purple edging!