Friday, May 30, 2014

In between

This has been a tough year so far. Winter seemed to never end. Even now, the second to last day of May, it's in the low 60s and feels chilly outside. A series of sad events have occurred in my life that have left me...blah. And being away four out of five weekends in May mean that I'm behind in the garden. I look at all of the weeds and keep walking. I write blog posts in my head while running and then don't type them out. I'm just not that into it this year. But I'm trying to be. Fake it 'til you make it, right? In any case, this isn't supposed to be a depressing post or blog, so on to happier things. 

Peony bud - May 14

Peony opening - May 29
I had pictures taken for my May 2014 Bloom Day but it was the day before J and I left for a 10 day vacation, so the post never happened. But above all else, this blog is a place for me to catalog my garden so I wanted to post an in between Bloom Days update. So I wanted to share some then and now pictures.

Baptisia australis - May 14
Baptisia australis - May 29
By the way, I'm 5'8 and this Baptisia australis is at eye level. I didn't realize it was "special" until Neighbor M kept exclaiming about its height. The usual websites list it as growing to 3-4'. I guess mine likes its spot very much.

Allium - May 14
Allium - May 29

Allium christophii - May 14
Allium christophii - May 29

I bought some Allium christophii bulbs from White Flower Farm (and then my big box store had some, too) last fall after seeing them all over garden blogs. I'm glad I was able to see their show when I returned from vacation.

Allium christophii with Amsonia 'Blue Ice'

Assorted pictures from May 14:

Creeping phlox
The azalea I thought I lost during the winter

Kerria japonica
Euphorbia polychroma 'Bonfire' (Button Spurge)

Wide view of the back yard - from the back patio
Wide view of the back yard - from the back fence

Assorted pictures from May 29:

My newest Peony, 'Bowl of Beauty'


Peony 'Karl Rosenfeld' with Baptisia australis
'Twilite Prairieblues'

Astilbe in the shade of 'Twilite Prairieblues'

Lady's mantle from my mom

Baptisia australis 'Solar Flare Prairieblues'


Allium christophii, Baptisia australis, and spiderwort

Centaurea montana 'Amethyst in Snow'

Wide view of the back yard - from the back fence

Wide view of the back yard - from the back patio
And there you have it. After a long winter, plants are growing again with vigor. There's a lot to see and be thankful for. What's new in your garden?


  1. I have several plants that despite our nasty winter are right on schedule with last year. But I lost many and others are still smaller than they were last year at this time. But what can we do? Just a whole lotta nothing so I'm enjoying the lingering spring. I've added euphorbia corollata, scutellaria incana, Short's aster, some coleus, iris tectorum, more columbine, golden tuft grass, and a few others I'm probably forgetting the names of. :o) Your garden looks beautiful and those alliums are fab!

    1. Yes, it's time to enjoy now. I had to look up many of your new additions and they all look lovely. I particularly like the iris. Hope they all work out well this year.

  2. Oh everything looks so good. I love that you show wide shots of your backyard. I love seeing pictures of actual yards, rather than only close ups of blooms all the time. :) I'm glad you didn't loose your azalea, it's beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It's hard to see detail on the wide shots with my crappy camera phone but it helps me to see growth and change.

  3. Ooooh! So pretty! Nice reward after a lousy winter. My new yard is a lot like yours, only it's smaller. Now I'm especially interested to see what you grow and where you put it. No more peonies for me, though. Even the early bloomers look like crap here because of the heat. But I do love your giant Baptisia. Maybe you should patent it as Kathryn's Giant.

    1. I can't wait to see your new yard and what you do with it. The Kathryn's Giant baptisia actually split in half when I moved it. If I'd kept both parts together, it would be Kathryn's Holy Sh*t That's Big! baptisia.