Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2015

What a strange year so far. Almost no spring weather - just hot and dry. And then it cooled down a bit, but still no rain. The last week or so it's been raining more, for which I'm grateful, and it's really hot again. Some of the flowers seem off - blooming too early. And it's that time of year where the late spring flowers are done and the early summer ones aren't at their peak yet so there's not a whole lot going on. But green is a color, too, right?

Back yard:

Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler' finding a home on my fence

The allée:

Coreopsis 'Mercury Rising'

The last of the blooms on Penstemon 'Dark Towers'

Nepeta 'Walker's Low' . Can't wait to divide these things!
Phlox 'Blue Paradise' is just starting. And it's really purple, not blue.

The pharm:
Echinacea in front of the hydrangea. I feel like it's early for echinacea.

Callirhoe involucrata spreading on the sidewalk. This is the only place it's doing well.

Gaillardia. I feel like it's early for it to be almost done!

More echinacea. When they flop, it's a sign that it's super super dry!

I wonder if the weirdness will continue this year. It really makes me regret all of the aerosol hair spray I used in the '80s!

Thanks to May Dreams for hosting this monthly event!

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  1. Your CFC contributions to the atmosphere aren't the reason our weather's been weird so rest easy. Callirhoe like to be hot, dry, and very well drained. Everything looks great! Spider mites have devastated my phlox. :( I love the color of yours.