Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The anxiety of early blooms

February 2017 was warm. We had about ten days where the temperatures were in the high 60s to 70s (our average historical temperature in Philadelphia is 44 degrees). Cherry trees erupted in blooms and I saw a dogwood already flowering by my bus stop. Bulbs got the go-ahead to erupt out of the ground and some started to bloom. Up and down my block, daffodils burst into flower last weekend.

I had a few early bloomers. I watched them carefully, and was then dismayed when they all (including the hundreds in other neighbors' yards) flopped over after one cold night. I kept expecting them to right themselves but they haven't yet. So, I cut mine and brought them indoors.

There are many more that are thisclose to blooming. With freezing temperatures and snow/rain forecast for the weekend, I want to run out and protect them. If the internet is right, though, they should be okay on their own. I hope.

Do you have anything blooming now that is really early for your garden?


  1. my forsythia has been blooming in pieces since feb. 25, many weeks early, so i'll never have a full-blooming one this year. also have daffs and day lilies up about 6 inches (and yes, they should be ok on their own) and columbines up about 2 inches, and that's just what i can see from the kitchen window. but i have lots of frost cloths and a few leaf piles, and i'll do a walk-through tomorrow so i can get all the tender perennials covered before it goes down to 12 or whatever on the weekend. i fear for the early magnolias, but hope the fruit trees can still hang tight. we have several large orchards in this area. --suz in NE ohio

    1. Best of luck to your trees! It sounds like you're doing what you can. I find a tough part about gardening is having patience to wait and see...