Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blooming right now

My neighbor's annual plant divide party is this coming week. As my yard provides a backdrop against her garden, it's a mad dash to try to navigate around the rain we're having to make sure everything looks presentable. I'm tempted to leave some of the flower beds alone in their craptastic-looking state, but as someone always wanders through her gate into my yard to look at what I'm growing, I suspect I'll be having a weedathon tomorrow. 

They'll see that there's not much in bloom right now, but what is blooming now represents the second phase of spring. The forsythia flowers have ended, most tulips are gone, and daffodils are a memory. Coming soon will be peonies, roses, and baptisia. 

Azalea with iris
Bleeding heart (a little bit late)
Lilac (with half-dead dogwood in back)
Red twig dogwood
Bushy  lilac
Centaurea montana "Amethyst in Snow"

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  1. Love that first lilac picture.