Sunday, May 5, 2013

Visit to David Culp's garden - the special gardens

This is the last post about my visit to noted plantsman David Culp's Brandywine Cottage gardens last weekend (the first two posts are here and here). I titled this post "the special gardens" because, though all of his gardens are special, I needed a catchall phrase for the rest of what I saw. There are some unique spaces that most people would not think of planting in, yet he has and it all works so well.

Upon entering the property, you notice the driveway garden. He has planted many bulbs and plants in the gravel so that they look as if they just popped up and he left them there.

Species tulips, hellebores, and other plants in the driveway

Hellebores and pansies in a pot

The patio. I'd love to have a meal here.

Entry into the vegetable garden, with unique birdbath in the middle.

The ruin garden

The ruin garden

The garden on the road. Has a hell strip ever looked this amazing?

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I feel very fortunate that I was able to visit and see such a beautiful place. I'm both inspired and intimidated by what experienced, but will use my trip to spark some more creativity in my own garden.


  1. What a great garden! I received David's book as a Christmas gift and would love to visit his garden in person. The whole idea of gardening in the foundation of an old barm is way cool. I wonder how he keeps that pea gravel in the patio so clean? Hmmm...

  2. Yes, this must be a treat to visit. The book is fabulous, I would lose myself in the photography.