Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In bloom this week

I've been super short on time for the past two weeks so this is a minimal-word post. It's suddenly humid and hot and gone are the nice morning breezes. We've not had a lot of rain so I'm already trying to make sure my plants aren't wilting. And here I thought it would be a shorter summer due to our seemingly extended winter.

In bloom right now:

Iris in front of my neighbor's rose

The hellebore I bought a couple of months ago is STILL in bloom!

Hosta, Nepeta "Walker's Low", and on-its-way-out azalea
Salvia and Amsonia "Blue Ice"
Baptisia australis "Solar Flare Prairieblues" (it's itty bitty still, as it's only a year in the ground)

Spiderwort. Closed for the evening, but you get the idea.
Baptisia australis
What's blooming in your garden?


  1. It has all of a sudden become hot and humid this week. Promised rain does not seem to be materializing. You're a little ahead of me with the Catmint and spiderwort. My azaleas are just starting to bloom. What a wonderful time of year in the garden though!

  2. That Amsonia and salvia make a nice combination, and that is quite a hefty baptisia.